Case Studies


Aspiro helped us with our CRM implementation which helped us to collect leads from our website and pass it on to our sales team . The leads are collected automatically by the system and when new leads are collected our team is alerted through automated process.

About SofaandBed
BedandSofa is an online furniture shop in singapore, that offers its customer’s a wide range of options in home and offie furtniture’s. BedandSofa team is dedicated to provide its customers with quality and value for money furniture’s for every need. They continuously evaluate , the customer online shopping experience, level of after service provided to the customer to make sure that the customer’s experience is beyond their expectation.

BedandSofa needed a better way to manage its customer information. The company had been managing the customers using the ecommerce system. However the ecommerce system was not sufficient enough to Analyze the customer order’s, Segment the market, Create targeted campaigns and in Providing quality customer service.

Aspiro based on the client requirement and after evaluating several CRM solutions in the market choose Sugar CRM for the client due to its ease of use, fast setup, strong functionality, scalability and an open architecture that enables customization based on the specific business needs.


  • Increased sales
  • Increased customer retention and repeat sales
  • Improved and efficient customer service process

Charisma Consulting

For years the firm failed at managing new project opportunities or tracking customers throughput their life cycle. The system that they had was a self developed excel sheet that was used to track certain client informtion , few aspects to technical specs that were primarily necessary for doing the job. After which they had nothing to track.

Intially most of the tracking was done by the individuals , which soon turned out be a non-scalable system it was then that Edward came to know about CRM- Customer Relationship Management.

Edward takes full advantage of Salesforce marketing campaigns feature which gives him the ability to track results from a specific marketing effort . All the leads are stored and are accessible to all the members of the sales team’s , which was not the case initially.
Edward was able to analyse current sales and marketing process through which he was able to determine what was missing in order to accuquire new projects and track the sales lead all through the marketing life cycle. Implementing Salesforce has made the business more productive in terms of tracking information, oppurtunities, and improving the business process in all possible ways.